The Good Men Project are re-inventing media

The Good Men Project are re-inventing media

It’s true! The Good Men Project have decided to take action and reinvent media. And if you have something to say– now is your chance.

Let’s break media down in simple steps  

Media has historically been passive. It all began with printed books, newspapers and magazines. Then radio and television brought media you consumed. Blogs and podcasts were re-configurations of things you read or listened to. Social media gave you posts to share, and as we know—isn’t always just social. There are trolls, polarisation and of course misunderstandings.

So, what next?

The Good Men Project believe in media YOU CAN participate in. It’s real and engaging because you get a difference in opinion. But what if you could actually talk to people—any time, from anyone in the world—about subjects that really matter? What if every day, there was a group of people you could jump on the phone with—people who want to solve some of the most difficult problems on our planet. People who are insightful, articulate, helpful and want to work together. People who want to take action.

One of the most important conversations

Seven years ago, The Good Men Project was created to spark an international conversation about the changing roles of men in the 21stcentury. It was “the conversation no one else is having”.  It helps people talk about the implications of changing gender roles—which underlies almost everything that is important in our society today. Politics. Dads and Parenting. News. Sports. Gender and Sexuality. Racism. Ethics. Mental Health. Love, Sex, Relationships. Environmental Activism. And more.

Millions of people (3 million people a month to be precise) show up every month to talk about these topics. People who are both like minded and have a different opinion. And I’m lucky enough to have my own column with The Good Men Project to help a global audience about issues that I care about–communications, relationships and emotional intelligence.

What is participatory media? 

It means YOU GET TO TALK and be heard. You get to help. You get to be IN THE MEDIA with other real live people too.

No other form of media is  satisfying in the way that really great conversations with real people, in real time are actually satisfying. Nothing existing gives people the feeling that they get when sitting around the campfire, talking about topics that really matter.

The conversations are about the issues YOU care about—along with the most compelling issues of our time. The Good Men Project is creating and organising real communities around these social issues, where you can push for real social change.

And of those conversations comes what they call ConvoCasts. Podcasts, but you are in them.

Are you Interested?

Awesome! Click on this link to get involved today. It’s not rocket science – unless you want this as part of your social group. And it’s a super way to meet like minded people around the world that get things done!

Words by The Good Men Project & Caria Watt 2017
Image by Vlad Tchompalov via Upsplash 2017