The One Woman Who has Made Me Bold: International Women’s Day

The One Woman Who has Made Me Bold: International Women’s Day

On International Womens Day (March 8th) I have read countless stories about love, hate and how to be bold. But let’s stop and say ‘thanks’ to some incredible women who have helped mould us. And in doing so we’re inherently more bold then they were. Our mothers. The women who have influenced how we have shaped ourselves.

This International Women’s Day, I would like to pay tribute to my mother and all the other strong, courageous and capable women who just like this year’s theme, continue to be ‘bold for change’.

My mother has always held the belief that whatever she wanted to achieve was possible and whatever is needed can be done. Whether it was learning a new job and overcoming fear of digital technology in her 60s or walking away from a difficult marriage, despite the far-reaching consequences of doing so.

Her many successes and achievements in life taught me that it was possible to turn adversity and hardship around, and to harness them as motivation to move forward, instead of using them as an excuse to remain downtrodden.

With achievements of raising two emotionally intelligent children, moving countries twice, beating cancer and recently she married the love of her life at 70 years old – it’s hard not to celebrate such an empowered woman in the family.

Thanks Mum.