Want to be Healthy? It’s time to take control

  1. Be an informed consumer: read about health and wellness strategies. A good place to start is on Google.
  2. Know your family medical history: being aware of any past medical history may help you prevent them from happening within you in the future.
  3. Read food labels: Know what you are eating. Most things in jars, cans and packaged foods can not be monitored properly.

Always eat foods that were once alive, that have grown from the earth or from grazing the earth. Eating dead foods such as processed foods, will ensure you build toxins up in your body. To alleviate these toxins try a fast every month.

One that is popular is a simple water fast where you can drink as much water as you want, including herbal teas. Try adding slices of orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit  to help with the cleanse. When attempting a detox it’s a good idea to be as comfortable as possible, without doing too much.

Make sure you don’t drive or operate any machinery on these days. Also be mindful if you are taking medication, please consult your doctor first before attempting a fast.

Once you get you start taking care of your health everything else will seem a whole lot brighter. Including the way you communicate with people. You will be more positive and more vibrant to be around.