EW Mixtape #4 Beauty in the Super Ordinary

EW Mixtape #4 Beauty in the Super Ordinary

Ever wanted to know the secret to happiness? Well there is no secret. All it takes is emotional intelligence mixed with unconditional love. We all need to see the beauty in the ordinary.

Make peace with the present moment. See what happens when you do. What you can do or choose to do rather than what life does through you. There are 3 words that convey the secret art if really living. “One with life” which means to be one with now. When you become conscious and process this, you soon realise you don’t exist to live your life but your life lives through you.

“Life is an adventure, it’s not a package tour” – Eckhart Tolle

People who are full of ego love the resentment of reality. The such-ness of life of this moment where they create negativity that their ego thrives on through unhappiness. By making yourself and others suffer did you know that you’re actually creating hell on earth? Perhaps you didn’t realise this. To create suffering without recognising it, is the essence of unconscious living and means you’re totally in the grip of the ego.

People who are consumed with ego tend to condemn others, and when it’s pointed out they use self denial, clever arguments and self justification to distort the facts. When all else fails the ego will resort to shouting or even physical violence. When you remain silent and let them be eventually they will realise their mistake. It is here I now understand Jesus’ deep wisdom when he said: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

It all begins with self. Ask yourself do I hold any negativity in me at this very moment? Do the inner work where you recognise these traits such as discontent, nervousness, being fed up and so on. Remember if you do find yourself in a negative state, it doesn’t mean you have failed. It actually means you have succeeded, because you can now identify it as the ego and do something about it.

With awareness comes a greater sense of peace. You will discover a greater sense of self — who you are and then you naturally undergo a shift. Sometimes this shift is tricky and you may feel vulnerable. And it’s not really doing but being aware of it and shifting your mind up a gear.

You are the light of presence and awareness than goes far deeper than thoughts and emotions.

In the spirit of spreading some love your way, here’s a love song playlist to help you see the beauty of the ordinary via Spotify – music for everyone. Thank you for listening and feel free to share on social media with your friends.


Words & Mixtape by Caria Watt 2017
Image courtesy of Unsplash 2017