Books to Help you Change your Life for the Better

A practical masterpiece written by Stephen R Covey with easy to follow instructions and guides. Learn to “put first things first” and “begin with the end in mind”.  Stephen R Covey has sold over 25 million copies of this book which is a classic in management and leadership. It’s definitely a good read if you want to be in a position of influence.

This book lifts the reader from mere motivation into a purpose and meaningful life. It’s a guide to help you reclaim your life and find your own personal freedom. World-renowned high performance trainer Brendan Burchard reveals the two enemies that stand in our way: an external enemy, defined as the social oppression of who we are as perceived by culture, and an internal enemy, a sort of self-oppression caused by our own doubts and fears. It’s an interesting read that will help you battle self doubt and avoid distractions of the day into victory.

This book is full of high quality strategies that are immediately applicable to help you control your emotional self. Tony Robbins explains that every person has the power to take their own fate and get exactly what they want in life. He encourages you to take full advantage with the right attitude and actions to master your destiny. It’s all about leveraging your emotional intelligence and applying the ‘can do’ strategies to help your life flow towards what you really want.

Even though this book is more applicable to men, it’s worth reading by any gender. David Deida helps you understand various emotional challenges that many men experience and how to gain mastery over one of the most difficult opponents: yourself. It covers integrity, empowerment and sexual spirituality with straight forward advice.

#5 Mastery

The author, Robert Greene teaches you how take the long road towards a higher form of success, one that very few people achieve, at a level of mastery. You will learn from case studies of the world’s greatest masters with practical advice on how you can apply it.

This book was written by Sun Tzu and has helped me become more authentic in my writing style which has led me to be a successful columnist with the Good Men Project and I’m in the process of writing my first book. It’s enabled me to break through my inner resistance to create my authentic self. The Art of War is a good read for entrepreneurs, writers, artists or any form of creative individuals.

Mike Dooley breaks down the metaphysical mechanics behind every physical manifestation. Manifesting Change has easy to understand exercises, stories and analogies that illustrate just how easy events can be triggered by our own thoughts, words, and actions. This book is the basics of how to change your circumstances with straight forward instructions.