Having a bad day, everyday? It’s time for a New Career

Having a bad day, everyday? It’s time for a New Career

Questions to Help you Work out if it’s Time to Move into a New Career 

Over the past several weeks Australians have been complaining about their jobs or their career choice. This is mainly due to the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball who has today introduced a penalty rate cut for working the weekends. With this is mind, it’s time to take control of your career choice.

Perhaps you’re in a stressful job that’s giving you grey hairs early? Or you’re spending way more time at work, than at home with your family or friends. You’ve probably forgotten what a balanced life feels like. And you’re feeling the strain, especially when you start to cry on Sunday night because you have to go to work in the morning.

Getting stuck in a position that is wrong for you, can take a massive toll on your entire life. It can cause health issues, relationship problems and even a breakdown of your own sanity. Before you figure out if you should quit or look for another career opportunity, check to see if these points are familiar:


#1 You’re on Struggle Street

No one here is knocking hard work or a good work ethic, but if you’re struggling with the position or the work load, then it’s a tell tale sign it’s not the right position for you.

Career expert Louis Efron, Forbes Magazine has a good point:

“Successful employees were playing to their strengths, doing what came naturally to them. For the less successful employees it requires much more effort and energy.”

When you have no motivation it can make you want to stay in bed. And if you’re struggling to head to work because you’re wanting to call in sick – then again it’s time to look for new opportunities.


#2 It’s a bad day – every day

We all experience a bad day once in a while, but when it becomes unpleasant every day – it’s time to move on. It’s unrealistic to be happy all the time. If your job affects your mood, it’s time to look for something more suitable.


#3 Work is Unbalanced

Some jobs are more stressful and time-intensive than others. However, it’s up to you to determine what the acceptable trade off is. If you’re on burn out, it makes sense to watch your health and get back on track. It’s a good idea to look for other opportunities that enable you a better work – life balance.


#4 You Don’t get Along

Personality clashes are common in any culture. If you’re faced with work colleagues that are trying to make things difficult with you, make sure you remain calm. Be empowered enough to report the facts with your manager. Most people who are just bad news usually fabricate the truth which always comes to the surface.

If it’s just a personality clash, talk candidly with them about finding a solution to the communication breakdown and how you can work together. If it’s still like hard work, then at least you’ve done everything you can.

And when you’re rolling your eyes or feeling apathetic about the company you’re working for, you’re better off moving on to find a better fit. One that aligns with your values.


#5 Weekend Penalty Rate Cut

 If you work during the weekends and are now suffering the cut in penalty rates– then there’s nothing stopping you finding a job during the week. See this as the opportunity to have a better work – life balance. Spend time on Sundays with family and friends instead.

If things feel like they’re falling apart at work, look at it with a different mind set – that they may actually be falling into place. Re-evaluate what is important to you and move forward. When you refuse to examine the areas of your life that continue to make you feel unmotivated, then it’s time to change what you don’t like.


The Catalyst for Change is You

 It’s far better to look for an opportunity in a company that is aligned with your values, than staying in a position that you’re unhappy in. If you passionately dislike your career choice, it’s highly unlikely that a change of circumstances – such as a new company – will make a difference to how you feel.

Careers are like having relationships – it may take a few before you’re able to work out what really makes you happy.