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the e.word is more than a lifestyle
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A quirky entrepreneur with a passion for writing.


CARIA has no fear of communicating the truth. When she does, it doesn’t sound like an opinion – it’s the gospel. She holds an international communications degree, is a professional TV presenter, radio host and keynote speaker. Her friendly non-conformist demeanour finds it easy to talk to anyone including Bikies or High Society.


Julian Deville Smith (writer)

a nerd who likes to tinker around with furniture.

Renee Slansky (writer)

a relationship coach who’s pretty darn cute and enjoys a turmeric latte.

Andrew James Mathers (writer)

a serial entrepreneur with a crazy busy life.

Tobias Watt (photographer)

a normal guy who works hard and takes mad photos.

Daniel Arlan (blogger)

a part-time match maker who loves human nature and the science behind chemistry.

Jaclyn Shedden (blogger)

a certified nurse who helps empower her clients to live a healthy, toxic free life


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